Vladimir Dmitriev Named as the President of Tennis Europe

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Vladimir Dmitriev Named as the President of Tennis Europe

Tennis - Russia's Vladimir Dmitriev has been named as the President of Tennis Europe, making him the first Russian to head the body. Dmitriev is the chairman of the Russian financial services company Vnesheconombank. Dimitriev won over Finland’s Matti Virtanen by 41 votes to 32.

Dimitriev will head the body till 2020 and a new Board of Directors has also been elected. The new members of the Board include Luisanna Fodde (ITA), Allar Hint (EST), Christiane Jolissaint (SUI), Ivo Kaderka (CZE), David Rawlinson (GBR), Attila Richter (HUN), Eva-Maria Schneider (GER), Evgeniy Zukin (UKR) and Olli Mäenpää (Chief Executive Officer) Dmitriev commented, "I am proud to be welcomed into the tennis family.

I promise to serve European tennis with the same commitment, passion and success that I have applied to all other aspects of my professional life.” Tennis Europe comprises of 50 European member nations and is the largest regional association of the sport's governing body, the International Tennis Federation.

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