Flavia Pennetta to give birth a boy: 'We knew it during Christmas'

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Flavia Pennetta to give birth a boy: 'We knew it during Christmas'

It will be a boy for Flavia Pennetta and Fabio Fognini, who will become parents in a month (around May 20). The Italians revealed the beautiful news in an interview to Vanity Fair italian magazine. 'When Fabio realized it was a boy, he was so happy it gave me a headache: his name will start with the letter "F", as everyone in the Fognini family', said Pennetta, adding that they figured it out during Christmas time.

Fognini has been playing much on the ATP Tour, and between early February and April he was out of home for 60 days. 'The belly grew a lot, although I could see it only via Skype', said Fognini. Pennetta almost doesn't recognize herself: 'I've a big bosom and I've always been flat.

My physio calls me zero tits'. When I tried to play again during these months I hit well but tits bothered me: I wasn't used to it.' Flavia lives in her home at Brindisi alone and it wasn't easy for them: 'It was very tough', admitted the 2015 US Open Champion.

'Sometimes you want to cry because of hormones but knowing how he is him and how the tennis environment is, I would never ask him to come back. He is going through a very good moment, he was courageous enough to change his coach (now the Argentinean Franco Davin in his team): I see him more focused, grown up, maybe because he is becoming father.

I am sorry that he can't live this experience as I am doing, Fabio is very sensitive.' ​​​​​ ​​ALSO READ: Fabio Fognini may skip ATP Rome, here is why