ATP Madrid sets record attendance number

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ATP Madrid sets record attendance number

Madrid event keeps improving its attendance numbers, this year during the ten days of the ATP/WTA Tournament 260,228 people went to the Caja Magica, which means more than 15.568 in 2016 and more than 38.000 in 2015. 'To be honest I thought it would have been very complicated to improve last year's numbers which was our 15th edition', said the tournament director Manolo Santana.

'I can definitely say that in the last ten days we did a great job and we showed to be one of the best tournaments in the World. Many players and tennis personalities congratulated to us.' Last year Rome event was attended by 205,000 people, which is 45.000 less than Madrid, that still had many empty seats.

Speaking about how much this event is important, Rafael Nadal said: 'the city makes an effort to make this happen. I think the return, economically, taxes, all of the things that a tournament like this produces, hotels, sponsors, everything, I think that the benefit that the city gets out of it is bigger than what it puts into it.

But the city, of course, supports the tournament. We have to be grateful to Madrid, all the sponsors, which are also here from Madrid. They support us every single day.'