French Anti-Doping Agency criticizes ITF

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French Anti-Doping Agency criticizes ITF

There were some conflicts between the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) during this year's French Open. AFLD director Damien Ressoit criticized ITF for not allowing them to conduct tests of their own.

'ITF has an extreme disdain for national anti-doping agencies,' said Ressiot. AFLD President Bruno Genevois was a little bit calmer, but admitted how there is some difficulty between the two parts. 'It is less inclined towards co-operation,' he said. 'We have attempted for several years to have an agreement with the ITF.

They do not respond.' Speaking about the chances of conducting tests off the grounds, Genevois added that a cooperation is still needed: 'It is necessary, in order to obtain the authorization, to establish a relative co-ordination with the organization in change of anti-doping.

Following our letters, the ITF furnished us with some [player whereabouts] details, but they were not very precise.' ALSO READ: A tennis player gets banned with doping!