Marion Bartoli: 'I felt dead, it was a daily battle'

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Marion Bartoli: 'I felt dead, it was a daily battle'

It s a year since Marion Bartoli announced she was suffering a virus that made her losing weight. The 2013 Wimbledon champion went through very difficult times, and she was unsure that would be alive. She could not do normal things like watching mobile phone, TV, washing her face with normal water or keep a conversation for a long time.

She was only able to stay in the bed and sleep, hoping that her condition would have improved: 'I felt dead. did not know if I would wake up alive the next morning,' Bartoli told The Times. 'But I thought, ‘if I have to die, then if it is at Wimbledon, I would accept it.’ Her "worst moment of her life", she said, started at the beginning of 2016, when she travelled over the World: as TV pundit in Melbourne during Australian Open, then in New York for the fashion week, in India as Roland Garros ambassador and finally in France to launch her jewellery range.

It was in Paris that she had a fever, but didn't take it too serious: 'I was starving and tired but when I was eating I was throwing up, but I had so many projects I couldn’t give up on them. When I look at the pictures now of how I looked back then.

I looked in the mirror back then and didn’t see it. I think my brain. I couldn’t see it. I was in the public eye and I could hear people talking behind my back and saying, ‘Oh, she’s anorexic’ and I wanted to scream out and say, ‘You have no idea what I’m going through.’ It was a battle to survive every day.' She has been feeling better in the last months and is a "normal" person again.

Now Marion doesn't want to think about the past anymore, and looks forward to enjoy life and have her own family a day: 'Dating is easier for men who are well known but the other way round it brings out insecurities in the guy.

I’m just hoping that person will see me as just Marion and love me for who I am, not as the person who won Wimbledon. The guys think, ‘No it is not possible, you can have all the guys you want so it cannot be me.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I gave myself the best shot for grass'