US Open to introduce shot clock but not in main draws!

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US Open to introduce shot clock but not in main draws!

Tennis authorities may introduce some changes very soon. Well, they are already doing it. According to The Telegraph, US Open will introduce a shot-clock in the qualifying draws, juniors, legends, wheelchair, but not singles and doubles main draws at the moment.

It's still a significant new thing, as it may solve some important issues like players taking too much time between points. At the moment 20 seconds is the limit in the four Grand Slams, 25 secs in the ATP events, although Majors will reunite next week at Wimbledon to decide whether to switch to 25 seconds too.

But having a shot clock on court would also allow players to stop complaints about warm-ups. Do you realize when umpire says "Time" after players hit for five minutes and players, especially Rafael Nadal, keep serving for a little bit more? Or when medical time outs break the game for also ten minutes because trainer needs to listen what the player says about the injury, then thinks about what to do and only then start the three-minute treatment? Well, with shot clock all these little but very important details will be clearer.

Another important thing is that coaching will be allowed, but by distance and not directly on court. These changes will surely be introduced at the NextGen ATP Finals in Milan, but at the US Open we will already be able to see how they work.

If shot clock gets approved in the future also for main draw matches, it would be really interesting to see what umpire will decide to do after a long rally when players are tired and crowd gets excited. If it happens, shot clock time may start only when crowd will be quiet and players ready, if the umpire approves.

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