The After Effects When Players Retire During a Match


The After Effects When Players Retire During a Match

It may seem like a small issue but a player may be injured or feeling bad and decides they can't go through the entire match. For the most part, this is legitimate and they would be wise to leave the court abruptly and get treatment or therapy and rest.

But many times it is suspected that the player came on the court knowing that they will leave early. Many tennisgoers had mentioned that this happened during the second day of Wimbledon where seven players retired with injuries.

Alexandr Dolgopolov, ranked 84th retired with the Roger Federer match on Centre Court in a little over 40 minutes and completed nearly 10 games. Martin Klizan retired with his match against Novak Djokovic during the 2nd set and 40 minutes of play had only transpired.

Feliciano Lopez, Janko Tipsarevic and Anastasia Potapova were the other few and more who simply just retired. Many think it's because of Wimbledon's big prize monies, but it isn't necessarily Wimbledon, but all tournaments that this may happen.

Australia's Bernard Tomic had said "I couldn't care less if I make a fourth-round US Open or lose first round...To me, everything is the same". This situation may put tennis in a bad light, but that's the opinion of not only one but possibly too many.

Whether it's the grand slams or any tournament the after effects of a retirement can lead to bad atmospheres for all. By a player retiring during a match does show these negativities: 1) It cuts the fans out of seeing two players perform fully for the entire match.

Federer has said that" "I felt it was a let-down for the crowd...they are there to watch good tennis, proper tennis..." 2) It makes the fans lose money when some have paid hundreds or more on tickets, travel and hotels to see the match in full only to see a few games or a set then it's over 3) Fans that bet on the match have also lost money because their bet becomes void when there's a retirement or withdrawal 4) It's disrespectful to the player's opponent who has taken the time to practice and plan out their free time before and after the match as to what they will be doing 5) It doesn't give the tennis community a very good idea of the players' capabilities in participating in the tournament 6) It gives the player a bad reputation if it happens often 7) It shows that players don't have a passion or love of the game and really shouldn't be involved in playing professional tennis.

But there are positive situations for the need of players to retire during a match: 1) They felt well before getting on the court but as the match continued their chronic injury or illness progressed and they felt as though they couldn't go on and play properly 2) Many players are financially at a disadvantage for paying for their tour expenses.

The only way is to get prize monies from the tournament, money that helps thempay for traveling and other expenses to go on to the next tournament or event 3) Some players may feel emotionally and physically at a disadvantage on playing their opponent who they're assigned to play from the draw and they really don't want to go through the three or five sets to have another lost on their record so they retire 4) The weather may have begun to get unbareably hot and they just don't think they can endure the heat, even though they're not sick or injured 5) For some players, the match is going on too long and they don't want to play that long.

There are many issues why a player retires early in the match, without finoishing and no matter the reason it is a disappointment to all who have a passion for tennis and want to see the match fully. What can be done to stop the retirements before the match is finished? It's a difficult question, but the answers may be even more impossible to resolve.

All that's obvious is that no one gets to see a match in full and get to enjoy all the splendors of tennis no matter who wins or loses. Also Read: Wimbledon: Roger Federer dismantles Marin Cilic for record breaking 8th title