Here is how Boris Becker wasted his 167 million dollars net worth

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Here is how Boris Becker wasted his 167 million dollars net worth

Since bankrupt was declared, Boris Becker's financial issues have been revealed. The last one is a $10 million debt with the Nigerian oil industry. But that's only the last trouble for the former German champion, who started having debits since he was very young.

In the early 1990s, he divorced with model wife Barbara Feltus, who was angry with Boris because he was having a relationship with the Russian model Angela Ermakova. The divorce battle costed him up to $25 million, he also had to give Feltus a luxury condo in Miami.

Also, he had to buy her a $1.2 million home in London. In 2002 he was accused of a $2 million tax evasion: Becker had the residence in Monte Carlo, but he was all the time in Germany, his native country. 'Because of this tax business, I have not been able to sleep easily since the first house search [in 1996]', he told the court at the time.

'It is notable that I was unable to win a tournament thereafter.' He bought a 19-story high-rise in Dubai called the Boris Becker Business Tower, whose backers went bust in 2011. It was probably one of the biggest things he bought in his life.

In 2012, a judge reposseded his luxurious property (a 62-acre complex with pool, tennis and basketball in courts) in Mallorca, Spain. A month ago, on 21 June, he was declared bankrupt, which means he wasted his $167 million net worth completely.

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