US Open director: 'Court' speed is the same, but there are other factors'

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US Open director: 'Court' speed is the same, but there are other factors'

In every Grand Slam tournament, the speed of the courts is always very intriguing and interesting. And the same thing is happening at the US Open this year. ESPN analyst Brad Gilbert said he thinks the courts are slower than last year, but players don't have clear ideas about it.

When asked about the speed of Arthur Ashe Stadium, Rafael Nadal said: 'I don’t know. I feel the court is in good conditions to play good tennis. Of course if you ask me what I prefer, I prefer these conditions (hot) than indoor.' Petra Kvitova, who beat Garbine Muguruza in the fourth round, expressed a more interesting opinion: 'I do feel that the courts are little bit faster maybe than the past years or last year.' Anyway, the US Open tournament director David Brewer said speed of courts is the same as last year.

'Ashe is not slower,' Brewer told Reuters. 'We do measurements with our own proprietary tools prior to the tournament and then again after the tournament. We do that each year and we’ve done that for about a dozen years now.

Our data tells us that the CPR - the Court Pace Rating - is just like any other court on the site right now.' He added that speed can depend on several factors like weather, temperature or humidity. 'Players have their own subjective values of any number of things,' Brewer said.

'It could (be that) they changed their string tension for the day to they had a bad night’s sleep or it is really humid today and it plays a little differently. All that stuff comes into it.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I'd play 2009 US Open final again. About my back...'