Johanna Larsson comes out: 'I am lesbian'

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Johanna Larsson comes out: 'I am lesbian'

There have been some rumours about Johanna Larsson's homosexuality for years, now the 29-year-old Swedish player confirmed it in an interview to SVT TV in Sweden. Next to her there was just her girlfriend Amanda Strang.

They openly kissed each other. It wasn't an easy decision for Larsson, who first announced the news to her family after thinking about it for several years. 'I kept my first relationship secret from everyone for two years before the situation got untenable.

It was orrible to lie. I remember once that my mother had asked me if I met a woman and I denied it. I closed in upon myself, and I had no choice. My mum's reaction was unbelievable, she told me 'I love you no matter what.' Another reason why she kept it secret was the fear of losing sponsors: 'I had dependence on people, I was afraid of their reactions and of not being able to keep following my dreams in tennis'.

Stressful life on the WTA Tour was an obstacle realizing she was lesbian: 'I understood it late. I was so focused on tennis that love, emotions or anything that could have distracted me from the sport was put aside. I was putting my life aside and I never faced such problems.

Now I feel grateful.' It was a slow coming out for Larsson, who openly showed her love in Bastad last year during the WTA event that takes place in July. 'Suddenly Amanda took me by hand, then I was like: 'Oh sh**...

no one knows about it, so surely it will come out'. Now everyone knows it and Johanna can feel free again. ALSO READ: Toni Nadal: 'Rafael will equal Roger Federer's 19 Major titles'