Marion Bartoli refutes claims of her comeback: 'I only want to be healthy'

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Marion Bartoli refutes claims of her comeback: 'I only want to be healthy'

Marion Bartoli was said to be preparing to return to professional tennis, RMC Sport had reported earlier. The 2013 Wimbledon Champion had been to national training centre owned by French Federation and she had a racket in her hand.

It was also reported that the FFT Federation had found a fitness trainer to work exclusively with her. However in an interview to Eurosport, Bartoli denied this claim. 'I don't know why everyone wants me to be back, but I won't do it.

I simply visited a doctor at the French Tennis Federation. When I was sick last year, I was followed and helped by professionals who I trust. I still travel much, so I want to make sure not to get sick and be healthy. I was in Paris during fashion week, i stopped there for a few days to visit doctors, get exams done and make sure that everything was going well so that I could start my projects again.

Due to my current life, it's impossible to re start again. I lived hell of a year in 2016 and I want to put it behind me.' Since her last match at the Rogers Cup 2013, did she ever think of picking up racket again? 'When I commentate for the Grand Slams on Eurosport, I always feel memories in my heart, when quarter-finals or finals are played.

I feel nostalgic, I liked so much what I was doing. I will always have that fighting spirit. I had the chance to write a very beautiful story. Now I write something different.' ALSO READ: Marion Bartoli: 'I felt dead, it was a daily battle'