Here is when Sara Errani's CAS process will be held

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Here is when Sara Errani's CAS process will be held

The date of the process that will see Sara Errani being involved at CAS in Lausanne has been revealed. The Italian tennis player, that was tested positive with Letrozole use in 16 February, will have his hearing held on Tuesday November 9, as asked by NADO, Italian anti-doping organization that wants to have a more specified analysis of the case, first of all because they may think the ban was too short (3 August-2 October) also because of what happened with Niccolò Mornati, who - tested positive with Anastrozole use, a medicine that in the same Letrozole category - was first banned for four years before it was reduced to two.

From her side, Errani will ask for her prize money and points earned from 16 February, when she failed the drug test, to 7 June, when Errani's new test was negative, to be active again. In her case, from Indian Wells to Roland Garros.

At the same time Errani, who is successfully back to compete in Tianjin this week starting from qualifying draw, may have another ban again. Anyway, her appearance in the three consecutive WTA 125K events in November should not be at risk.

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