Wimbledon against implementation of new rules, cites tradition as priority

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Wimbledon against implementation of new rules, cites tradition as priority

Several new rules were experimented at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, and many of these may be implemented in the Slams. The Grand Slam board is set to meet in November to discuss these potential changes. According to ESPN, Wimbledon chief executive Richard Lewis feels that the change in rules will affect the originality of the sport.

'Allowing coaching is a fundamental change to the sport and would be a really big decision for tennis,' Lewis said. 'I'm not aware of any evidence of the WTA allowing it making any difference to the attractiveness of their Tour. We are philosophically very against.

We believe it is a gladiatorial sport, an individual sport; you go on court and the whole premise of tennis is that you are on your own. That is one of the beauties of tennis compared to most, if not every other sport. For those that say it's difficult to police coaching at the moment and this would solve it -- we say it doesn't solve anything at all; it creates different issues.

We will be pretty challenging and dogmatic on our views on coaching.' French Tennis Federation director Christophe Fagniez thinks in a different way, although he understands Wimbledon's position. 'We have been very slow and protective,' Fagniez said. 'It's time for making changes.

Maybe we are not completely aligned around the table. We know that, for Wimbledon, it's always much more difficult.' ALSO READ: Leon Smith: 'It was very encouraging to see Murray against Federer'