A tennis coach arrested for six years due to sexual abuse

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A tennis coach arrested for six years due to sexual abuse

Sexual abuses have been happening even more often recently, and tennis is not an exception. The Lawn Tennis Association, which is the governing body of the sport in Great Britain, regrets the lack of attention on keeping the coach Daniel Randers, 42-year-old, for years. That same coach had sexually abused an underage player and was sent to prison on July 26.

LTA publicly admitted its fail in safeguarding, despite first complaints were made by coaches and parents of the young players he was coaching back in 2012. One coach revealed Sanders told a young female player he would string her racket in return for sexual favors.

Now Sanders is paying for its actions and will be in prison for six more years.

Commenting the news through Twitter, former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash revealed Randers is not the only coach who made sexual abuse: 'Will @BritishTennis and /or police open up the investigation as to why my friends (and other girls claims) were swept under carpet 14 years ago? This predator is still coaching.'

Story by The Guardian

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