Tina Arena criticizes Margaret Court's opinions against same sex marriage

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Tina Arena criticizes Margaret Court's opinions against same sex marriage

Tina Arena has been outspoken commenting on the 24-time Grand Slam singles champion Margaret Court's remarks against same-sex marriage. Arena, who will perform in Melbourne during the women's final on January 28, during the Newcombe Medal ceremony said: 'There's been a lot said about Margaret Court.

People will have their say. Whatever it means to anybody, at least people are talking [about] it. There is a woman that, for me, defined a lot of things when it comes to being a female and when it comes to the sport and the elegance that she always brought to the sport.

Sport is not always associated with elegance but that's not because it's not. It's because we sometimes don't necessarily focus on that and I want to take this opportunity to say to Evonne Goolagong what a remarkable, outstanding example of a great human being, of extraordinary culture, of an extraordinary level of empathy and understanding.

And for all of that, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to you, and then to all the other beautiful leading sportsmen and women in this room who put this country on the map. Australians have always been historically great at tennis and Melbourne, I think, puts on one of the greatest tennis events on this planet.' Despite they admitted that these comments are inappropriate for them, Tennis Australia said they cannot take decisions in terms of renaming Margaret Court Arena: 'As a legend of the sport, we respect Margaret Court's achievements in tennis and her unmatched playing record.

Her personal views are her own, and do not align with Tennis Australia's values of equality, inclusion and diversity.' ALSO READ: Wawrinka: 'I am not at my best, Melbourne is the goal.

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