Marcelo Demoliner: 'This year I earned $50,000 dollars outright'

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Marcelo Demoliner: 'This year I earned $50,000 dollars outright'

Being ranked 34th in the world, in doubles, may seem good since there are only 33 players ranked above you, but in terms of money, it's really tough. Brazilian Marcelo Demoliner exclusively spoke to Site Tenis News about most of the problems doubles' players face.

'If I didn't get the help I did this year, I wouldn't have earned anything, but with their help and being in the top-40, I could get $50,000 outright throughout the year, which is what you earn if you win a Grand Slam (main draw) first-round match. It's too big a difference and I don't think it changes, but it can improve,' he said. 'It won't change because ATP believes doubles don't have much popularity and attraction as singles: We need to crack the top-20 so that it becomes profitable and comfortable.'

This year, Demoliner, who lost both finals he reached (Sao Paulo and Lyon) earned $198,000 in prize money, but he needs to cover expenses and pay his coach, so that's why he is left with just $50,000 in his pocket at the end of the year. Just to make a comparison, the world no. 164 Tommy Robredo earned $232,000 just playing singles.

Asked about eventual changes to the rules of the doubles game in 2019, Demoliner revealed: 'I just heard, there is nothing official, that 'No-ad' will end and we will be back with 40-ad.'

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