Jelena Dokic: 'I might have won Major titles and be world no. 1'

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Jelena Dokic: 'I might have won Major titles and be world no. 1'

Jelena Dokic spoke to about her new book "Unbreakable" that is already become popular. The former world no. 4 recalled the years when she was controlled by her father Damir. 'I always knew that I would write a book,' Dokic admitted.

'It was just a question of being mentally prepared to do it. It was a liberation, but sometimes it was very difficult. I wanted to be transparent in telling my story, honestly. I almost relived what hurt, but now that it's all out I have a big weight off from my shoulders.

I hope that this book can be helpful, that they can benefit from my experience. I hope no one will share my destiny.' At some point, Dokic says that she felt that she didn't receive much support from others: 'People knew, and even if the situation was private and delicate, for me the most difficult thing was not to receive support when I left home at 19.

Even if you weren't aware about the abuse, you could see that the situation was not normal publicly, that this man was terrifying, so when I managed to escape, I found very tough not to get help. No one asked me how I was doing, no one gave me any suggestion. I was very alone.' Dokic, who reached the semi-finals at the 2000 Wimbledon, has obviously some regrets about the way her career turned out but is proud with what she achieved: 'I might have won Grand Slam titles and be world no.

1, without all this [the abuse]. What's sure is that I could have stayed in the top-five or top-10. I like tennis and this year I started playing it again, so I keep this chance in my mind. I also think I have healed, so I can spend time on court.

I only want to find a way to be happy. I went through a very depressing stage. I almost ended my life. But I always wanted to fight. I wanted to live.' ALSO READ: Jelena Dokic reveals when she slept at Wimbledon due to her father