Mladenovic: 'Thiem and I have been together since beginning of 2017'

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Mladenovic: 'Thiem and I have been together since beginning of 2017'

For the first time, Kristina Mladenovic openly spoke about her romantic relationship with the world No. 5 ATP player Dominic Thiem. The French player, who has been losing all the 13 matches played since early August, was interviewed by Sydney International Website and revealed the details behind their love story.

'(We’ve been together) quite a long time – pretty much beginning of 2017. But yeah, people didn’t really realise', Mladenovic admitted. 'I’m a WTA player so it’s obvious I’m also at tournaments and you could think that we are friends.

When I was next to him in London at the ATP Finals, it was obvious then that a WTA player shouldn’t be there (laughter). So we though let’s not play with our fans and be honest. Since we are both (in the spotlight) there is no point to hide it, we have nothing to hide really.' Thiem had confirmed the news in November during the Year-End event, and last week they posted a photo together on Instagram.

Asked if they hit together, Mladenovic replied: 'We already done that before. Madrid was cool, we could warm up to each other many times and it brought us good luck. So hopefully we can do that more often in future. When we practice without movement, if we play just cross court, he likes it because I can really handle his pace, no problem.

Of course, if we open up the court and I have to run and play a rally with him, there is absolutely no chance for me (laughter). It’s a challenge for him because he’s not allowed to miss before me so when it happens it puts him in a furious mood (laughter).

But it’s obviously very nice.'

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