Mats Wilander Says It Would Be Huge for Tennis if Leo Borg Were to Succeed

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Mats Wilander Says It Would Be Huge for Tennis if Leo Borg Were to Succeed
Mats Wilander Says It Would Be Huge for Tennis if Leo Borg Were to Succeed

Tennis - Swedish tennis legend Mats Wilander says it would be great not only for Swedish tennis but for the entire sport if Leo Borg, son of 11-time Grand Slam champion Bjorn Borg, were to succeed on the professional circuit.

The 14-year-old recently won one of his biggest titles - the Salk Open - and he holds aspirations to make it on the professional circuit. Speaking to Sportbladet, Wilander says, "We have had children who have walked in their parents' footsteps and become world stars in golf and ice hockey.

Why should we not be able to have it too? It would be huge for tennis not only in Sweden but in the whole world. It's unnatural for a 14-15 year old to be in the situation where I actually get questions about him. We never know how a person reacts to that attention.

I would say that we are talking about a person who has good prospects of becoming a professional tennis player. I've played doubles with Leo Borg and practiced with him for half an hour in September last year. He is very talented and down to earth.

It may be easy to be there if you have a father like Björn Borg, but it will obviously be a big hit on him from outside." Wilander added that the success of Leo Borg could help re-ignite the passion of tennis in Sweden once again. "The question is well what a success for a new sponsor would mean to the tennis world? It's not just about Swedish tennis here.

For the whole tennis world, it would be great and important if we could get a son of a former World Set and Gran Slam winner to follow in his father's footsteps. For Swedish tennis, it would be as important as Björn hit through.

Björn (Borg) is the main reason that Swedish tennis became so successful in the 1980s and 1990s. He made tennis a sport for ordinary middle-class fighters, like me and Stefan Edberg. Leo would make tennis a sport that more children would like to keep up with.

There would be a passion around the tennis again with a star like Leo Borg." Also Read - Roger Federer Beats Karen Khachanov in Perth

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