Boris Becker Calls for an End to Racism

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Boris Becker Calls for an End to Racism

Tennis - Following the controversy around a racist tweet by AfD member of parliament Jens Maier against his son Noah Becker, six-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker has called for an end to racism. In a post for Welt am Sonntag, Becker says, "Racism can simply no longer be accepted.

Nobody gets punished, no one has to pay, and in the end, unfortunately, we are silent on death. This must finally be over! "It was time to get up, raise your finger and take to the streets. There's no gray area on this subject, we really learned from our past.

Now he says he did not even drop the tweet. An employee must have. That's what they do with the AfD, that's their trick. Put something in the world and then distance yourself from it." AfD member of parliament Jens Maier tweeted last week, "The little half-negro just seems to have been given too little attention, his behavior can not be explained otherwise." The tweet was later deleted and Maier said the tweet was not sent by him but by one of his staff members and has since apologized for the tweet.

Noah Becker has decided to file a lawsuit against Maier for his comments. Also Read - Jack Sock is the Top Seed in ASB Classic Draw in Auckland