Elina Svitolina: It wasn’t easy and I was struggling

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Elina Svitolina: It wasn’t easy and I was struggling

In the run for a potential World No.1 Spot, Elina Svitolina recently reached the Third Round of the Australian Open and the Ukrainian was speaking about how the temperature was.

“I thought I’m gonna melt today,’’ Svitolina said. “It wasn’t easy, and I was struggling today. Hopefully, I can recover. Can’t wait for an ice bath. I thought she was playing great first set. I gave her just one break… It was my kind-of mistake, so hopefully next round I will be more focused.’’

Feeling a bit under the weather recently, Svitolina confirmed that she wasn’t feeling the best but now is fine.

“Maybe tomorrow I’m gonna feel better and gonna feel better for my third round. Of course, I'm looking forward to that match, and, you know, not every day in the third round, you don't have these opportunities. Yeah, just hope my team is going to do everything to make me ready.’’

Next facing 15-year-old Marta Kostyuk, Svitolina admitted she hadn’t heard of the young gun. “It's good, it's pretty cool that I'm playing someone from my country. Yeah, it's gonna be very exciting for me and hopefully, I can be ready for that match. It's not every day that I can play someone who's from my country. And especially for Ukrainian supporters, it's going to be fun to watch, I guess.’’

The pair has never practiced, “because it’s like her second women's tournament in her life. No, I didn't really know her before. I little bit watched her first round. You know, she has nothing to lose, so that's why I know she goes just for everything. You know, like a little bit like headless chicken.

“We'll see. I will try to prepare and be ready for her game. For me, it's very important for me to be there with my game and don't really think who is in the other side.’’


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