Alison Van Uytvanck comes out: 'Being lesbian or gay is not a disease'

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Alison Van Uytvanck comes out: 'Being lesbian or gay is not a disease'

Another tennis player has announced that she is a lesbian. In September 2017, Johanna Larsson had made it public, then in December 2017, Conny Perrin and Tara Moore announced that they were going to get married. Now, it has been world no.

50 Alison Van Uytvanck's turn. The 2016 Roland Garros quarter-finalist is involved in a romantic relationship with her colleague and player Greet Minnen, who is outside the top-1000 of the WTA ranking. 'I don’t find it a taboo, [the relationship] makes me happy,' Van Uytvanck said, as quoted by OutSports.

'Soon we are going to live together. We do feel super happy together and that’s what we will show to the world. Nobody has to justify why they are lesbian or gay, it is not a disease. We are very open about our relationship and my parents are proud about it.

That’s important because the support made us feel good.' Van Uytvanck also commented on the other people's prejudices and bullying: 'Now I go to the kids and say "no bullying" and I confront those who made my life so difficult with my success so they can understand the pain I had to go through.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer says becoming father made him a better person