Madison Brengle sues WTA, ITF seeking damages for injuries

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Madison Brengle sues WTA, ITF seeking damages for injuries

The world no. 83 Madison Brengle is suing the Women’s Tennis Association and the International Tennis Federation due to the 'prolonged mistreatment' she has received in the years, claiming that the two tennis authorities are responsible for her injuries caused by anti-doping tests carried out through venipuncture.

Brengle was diagnosed with a rare medical condition, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I. WTA and ITF were aware of it, but didn't really care. 'Tennis authorities ignored evidence of her professionally-diagnosed condition and refused to provide alternative testing or a medical accommodation, instead subjecting Brengle to testing that caused her to withdraw from tournaments and has now resulted in permanent swelling and weakness in her serving arm and hand,' a statement released by the American's lawyers revealed.

The 28-year-old is fully convinced of her move: 'I am bringing this action in an effort to force those who control the sport I love to understand that players are not commodities and should be treated with respect and dignity.

The unbridled authority of officials to subject players to the kind of abuse I suffered cannot be tolerated; players must have a say in matters involving our health and safety.' At the 2016 US Open Brengle was forced to withdraw from her first-round match against Kayla Day due to doping tests made the days before.

Starting from 2009, however, she played from 27 to 32 tournaments every year. 'While Brengle is making strides towards adjusting her game to deal with the consequences of what tennis authorities have done to her, the authorities who control women's tennis continue their unbridled domination over the players,' the statement concluded.

In the Anti-Doping Program, ITF clarifies that random venipuncture blood tests are obligatory, although some changes can be made in case it's needed.

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