Match fixing, French TV releases interesting inquiry

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Match fixing, French TV releases interesting inquiry

Interesting inquiry by the TV Channel France 2 during the "Stade 2" programme on Sunday about the match fixing issue in tennis. The Corentin Segalen's sentence, coordinator of the National platform (ARJEL) for the fight against sporting manipulation.

'When you earn 800 euros a month and you get offered 2,000 to lose...' In France, the law doesn't allow to bet on Challengers and Futures matches, but online websites manage to fix it. A former player, who retired not a long time ago, never went beyond the 1,000th position of the ATP Rankings.

He meets a man called "Master", who is part of an International network that places small amounts on large scale. 'You can get big earnings', he said. 'We know how to hit the ball 20cms down the line, and how it can be unseen.' A young French rising star received a message on Facebook hours away from playing his first Futures.

'I was offered to lose the first set for 1,000 euros'. He immediately told it to his coach and then the official authorities, making a 20-year-old near Strasbourg being arrested. In the Grand Slams, the winner earns up to two million euros.

In the Futures, around 2,000. And the too big gap has been known for years. In 2003, Olivier Mutis played the ATP Stuttgart as world No. 75 and in the first round he faced Nikolay Davydenko, world No. 25 who would get a career-high ranking at No.

3 three years later. 'A man came up to me to offer me €15,000 to lose in straight sets', Mutis said. 'It's more than winning two matches'. He refused, but this approach made him being less focused and lost 6-0 7-6.

'I don't even know why I was approached since he was stronger than me.' ALSO READ: Ageless Roger Federer clocks new 'first' this week