Daria Gavrilova: I haven’t had the success I’ve wanted

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Daria Gavrilova: I haven’t had the success I’ve wanted

Speaking ahead of the Fed Cup clash against the Netherlands, Australian No.2 Daria Gavrilova spoke about things that motivate her. “I feel like I always have to – even though everyone’s here for me and supporting me – show my best and I always almost try too hard,” she said.

She further added, “But I thought the other day I almost had the best Fed Cup practice (of my career) because sometimes I get distracted or I feel the pressure. It’s very different – I’m still learning.” “I definitely want to improve on 2-6, I don’t think it’s great (laughter).

Hopefully I’ll get picked this tie and get a few wins. It is in the back of my head all the time.” “I haven’t had the success I’ve wanted so I’m really hungry to get better.” Speaking about the change in surface, Gavrilova said it was not much of trouble to make the switch.

“We’ve found this court pretty nice and it’s playing pretty much perfect. So it wasn’t very hard at all (to adjust),” she said. She loves thriving in a team event and Fed Cup is prefect for her.

“We don’t have much ‘me’ time but I really do enjoy being around the team,” Gavrilova said. “We always have lunch and dinners together. A lot of chats, very social (smiling). And we practice together, doing all the warm-ups, so everything is together as a team. “But everyone is also focusing on their individual programs in the gym, or when we’re on court someone has to work on one thing, so we’re gonna help them out and be their hitting partners for a little bit.

We are having warm-ups together, so (it’s) a bit of fun there. “It’s pretty full on. Especially after it’s over with matches, you feel pretty exhausted. But I always enjoy it a lot and I always get super excited. “When we’re on the road we’re pretty much just one-on-one with the coach and it’s hard to organise everyone to have dinner together, because everyone’s on a different schedule.

So I really enjoy that part.” ALSO READ Roger Federer: 'Nadal has always had an advantage over me on clay'