We are sorry for Kokkinakis, but it's not our fault - Monte Carlo director

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We are sorry for Kokkinakis, but it's not our fault - Monte Carlo director

Thanasi Kokkinakis' injury seems to be more serious than initially thought. The Australian player is going to be out-of-action for two months after suffering a hairline fracture on his kneecap after falling on one of the foam cushions at the back of the court in Monte Carlo during his first-round match.

Alexander Zverev complained about it as well and there was some criticism about these foam cushions being placed on the court It seems the health of the players is not quite protected. However, the tournament director Zeljko Franulovic thinks it's not their fault: 'There is a distance of more than six meters from the baseline to the back of the court, which is widely within the rules of the ATP,' he explained in a conference call on Sunday.

'I didn't see the incident itself, but I know it happened in the heat of the game. He could have also hit the fridge that is on the side or something else. I know we are totally within the rules. Sometimes even a player can trip and fall on the court itself.

You can always say it was too wet or too dry. But I know here the length behind the court on each side is longer than any other tournament almost. I mean, it's one of the longest ones we have. The cushions are only foam, they're not rigid.

We are all very sorry for Kokkinakis, of course, more than anyone else. We can't have 20 meters on each side of the court.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal seems 10 years younger says Paul- Henri Mathieu