Agustin Calleri Named New President of Argentine Tennis Association

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Agustin Calleri Named New President of Argentine Tennis Association

Tennis - Former Top 20 player Agustin Calleri has been named as President of the Argentine Tennis Association (AAT) after beating Jose Luis Clerc by 165 votes to 131 votes on Thursday. The 41-year-old will be supported by Vice Presidents Mariano Zabaleta, Tomás Lynch and Jorge Cano.

Speaking to Viapais, Calleri commented, "The win did not surprise us because we worked hard for this. We will emphasize the players and young people who go to other sports such as football, rugby and others. I will speak with Clerc, not tomorrow but in the coming days." One of the first tasks that Calleri has in hand is to decide on the future of Daniel Orsanic as the captain of the Davis Cup team.

"I'm going to sit down to talk to him, to know what projects he has, the idea is that he continues as a captain but not as Development Director, but first I want to talk to him. The current AAT failed to take advantage of the Davis Cup success to spread our sport and make it grow.

We have the names of the best teams of the Argentine tennis, also the experience of what each one did after having retired, and we want to give space to the clubs of the interior to which at the moment they are not attended by telephone " Also Read - Francis Roig Reveals the Best Thing About Rafael Nadal