Nadal, Djokovic and more use cryotheraphy machine in Madrid

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Nadal, Djokovic and more use cryotheraphy machine in Madrid

This year, the Madrid Open has introduced the cryotherapy machine, which is useful for muscular recovery from matches and training sessions. Staying for three minutes at a temperature of -196°C that's the challenge they have to face.

The treatment is replacing the ice bath therapy that the players were using after a match. '(Rafael) Nadal, (Novak) Djokovic, Feliciano Lopez and (Grigor) Dimitrov are the ones who like the therapy the most. Nadal comes every day.

All the seeds tried it and want to repeat it,' Sole Sanchez, the physiotherapist in charge of the cryotherapy told ABC. According to the specialist, the players who hadn't tried the machine before were wary about using it.

But after having once used it, they want to utilise it as needed. Sanchez also explained that the therapy combines heat and cold. It can be used before and after a match because it gives the body enough power and speed to play.

'Guys are afraid to enter it before the match because if they do not play straightaway they get so relaxed to fall asleep, so they don't take a risk and leave it for after. They become powerful, with a good heart rate and a bigger muscle tone.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer and Marin Cilic's unlikely post-marriage parallel