Juan Martin Del Potro has more concerns than his game

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Juan Martin Del Potro has more concerns than his game

"What he is doing is impressive...he has changed his game and is playing better than ever. He can easily become number one in the world", Jose Luis Clerc, a former ATP Argentinian player had said about Del Potro.

But the processes necessary for the great Argentine player to stay viable and make an impact on tour requires a team comprised with a trainer, doctor, psychologist and a kinesiologist that helps him with stretching and a special training regime allowing him to relax and relieve his back issues.

Prone to injury, Del Potro has had numerous wrist surgeries in his career, but this season he was really doing well. He is currently ranked no. 6 in the world, remarkable because so many situations that used to come in between his rounds such as ailments, injuries and inconsistencies of his game didn't appear.

It was a great fortune that he was able to get as far as the semifinals at the Miami Open and even finals of tournaments having a chance at a title of which he did and won at the Mexican Open over Kevin Anderson and then out beating Roger Federer at Indian Wells.

But it was a sharp derailment in Del Potro's game that happened during the third round of this year's Italian Open. He was playing opposite David Goffin and had sustained a groin injury two games into the second set.

He had a medical timeout, received treatment and then continued on with the set. But the score was 5-4 and the pain returned causing Del Potro to retire the match over to Goffin. It was unbelievable for an injury to happen so close to the French Open and Del Potro remembers that he had felt something strange in his leg during the first set and there was pain stopping him from moving loosely on the court.

The Argentinian says that he'll start rehab immediately to see if he'll be in shape to play at Roland Garros. It was medically diagnosed as a groin strain but it takes time and this is the major concern of Del Potro.

It used to be the worries of his wrist holding up after multiple surgeries. It used to be a frustration for the Argentine if he'd play adequate enough to win matches again. He is now no. 6 and has the major fear of not healing completely enough to be ready for the French Open, the second grand slam of the season and for his ranking to fall to a level difficult to bring up and be competitive again.

Time will tell and with rest and rehab hopefully, Del Potro can be a part of playing at Roland Garros, go deep into the tournament and be pain and injury-free.