Sara Errani banned until February 2019!

Tennis - The Italian player got an additional eight-month ban

by Luigi Gatto
Sara Errani banned until February 2019!

New important update regarding Sara Errani's doping case. The Italian player got a ten-month ban in total. Two of these months have already been done by the Italian player - from August 3rd to October 2nd - and now she will have to stop competing for other eight months, starting from June 8 2018, until 8 February 2019.

The sentence was established by the Court Arbitration for Sport, after that the Italian anti-doping agency, Nado Italia, had appealed the two-month ban imposed by the Independent Tribunal decision. However, as reported by Tennis Italiano, Errani will wait, up to two weeks, for the decision of the Federal Swiss Tribunal on the possible suspension of the ban.

She could continue to play until the final decision is made (expected in 3/5 months). The final decision could also backdate the ban, giving Errani the possibility to continue to play without further stopping, while giving back points and prize money earned during this months.

In February 2017, Errani unintentionally took the letrozole, a type of hormone, eating tortellini, a kind of Italian pasta. She had cameback to compete in great style, cracking the top 80 rankings again. Errani, who had withdrawn from WTA 125K Bol last week having learned about the ban, will now have to pay 4,000 Swiss Franc to Nado Italia as part of the refursbishment.

On Twitter, Errani wrote: 'I am really disgusted by this matter. I don't think anything similar has never happened or managed in my humble opinion in such a shamefully manner. I have waited for the final sentence for seven extremely long months.

A deadline was set eight times, and then postponed. Eight times! I didn't have the chance to live and play with the serenity that tennis requires I found this cight months incrcasc a shame. I never assumed any performance-enhancing substance in all my life, I love tennis too much to do something like that.

I always tried to be a good example, either on and off the court. I have always played for the National Team giving my best, and trying to honor it every single moment, even when walking away would have been the most logical and simple decision for me.

I have dedicated my life to this sport and I don't think I deserve all this. I feel powerless against such an injustice The TAS in Lausanne has reconfirmed, once again, it has been an inadvertent ingestion and, moreover, of a substance that is not enhancing performance I have already served seven months, between results disqualification and period of inactivity.

I have been forced to re-start with a ranking position of 280, and I climbed back. And NOW they add an extra sanction of eight months. All of this is a total nonsense! I find, in all this matter, a very unfair treatment and I want to shout it, holding my head up high, because I am sure I have nothing to reproach myself.

I don't know if I will be able to find the strenght and the desire to play again, after all of this.'

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Sara Errani