US Open still has no roof solution in place

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US Open still has no roof solution in place

For the last four years the US Open mens final has been pushed to a third Monday but the USTA still has no definite plans of building a roof over the Arthur Ashe Stadium saying that it would cost in the region of nine figures to build such a rood.

USTA chief executive Gordon Smith spoke to the media on Sunday and below are excerpts from his talk with the press ''I cannot tell you when that will be. I can't tell you what it will cost, though it will clearly be over nine figures.'
''But the amount of money we've lost by not having a roof and the amount of money we might make by adding a roof is negligible compared to the cost of adding a roof,'' Smith said.
"We're going to have a roof one day.

I just can't tell you when.'' Wimbledon and Australian Open have roofs on the centre courts and it is possible to play with light rain on the clay courts in Paris.