Jan-Lennard Struff gets terrible news after loss to Roger Federer

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Jan-Lennard Struff gets terrible news after loss to Roger Federer

It has been a very good year so far on the tennis court for Jan-Lennard Struff. The 28-year-old reached Australian Open and Wimbledon third round, and both times he lost to the Swiss Roger Federer. But his off-court life has not been without problems.

Recently, after his loss to Federer at Wimbledon he received a significant financial setback. Struff lost the lawsuit filed against him by his former coach Ute Strakerjahn, with whom he worked from 2012 to 2015. In July 2015, Struff intentionally decided to interrupt their four-year contract that was supposed to expire in 2016.

Here the woman asked Struff to get percentual from his future earnings, from the moment they split until 2021, in terms of endorsements and appearance fees. Strakerjahn was Struff's first coach since he was six years old.

After they did not find an agreement, the 57-year-old Lippstadt native filed a lawsuit seeking a compensation of €290,000 from Struff. She will get €275,000 (equivalent to $322,000) as a result of the latest sentence.

So far this year Jan-Lennard earned more than $500,000 in prize money, including Wimbledon. He is currently coached by the former German Davis Cup team captain Carsten Arriens, they started to work together just after he split with Strakerjahn.

Struff is currently ranked 64th in the world. His career high was no. 44, which he attained in August 2017. Source: Bild ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'The end is closer than ever'