Starting a tennis umpire career: Marijana Veljovic reveals it all

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Starting a tennis umpire career: Marijana Veljovic reveals it all

Marijana Veljovic is one of the several umpires who work on the tennis tour. In an interview to The Telegraph, the Serbian spoke about the "secrets" that stay behind her job. Being ready for everything is the key. 'There’s a lot of observing and listening in tennis umpiring', Veljovic admitted. 'You need to be aware that things may happen and predict them first.

The best umpires in the world have that feeling. You have to feel what’s happening with the crowd as well. And player intensity, behaviour and communication. There are a lot of cameras and microphones around, you have to be careful about what you say and how you communicate.

If the tension is high, you bring the tension lower.' It all started 11 years ago when at a University competition she started umpiring by chance. 'I thought it was a chance to earn pocket money and learn a bit more about tennis and look where I am today.

At Wimbledon for my eighth time now. My first pro match came at a $10,000 International Tennis Federation event at a very small place in the south of Serbia. I was very nervous. You know the rules, obviously, but it’s a different perspective when you sit there and you look on a tennis court from high up, the balls are flying and you are there in the middle of it.

In the beginning, I wasn’t thinking, ‘This is my job’. But then you start to get to know the Futures players better, you gain their respect, and they are satisfied with their matches. Then it really starts getting in your blood, this buzz.

You feel the pressure to perform and it’s similar to being a player. Everybody sees your mistakes, everybody sees if you’re cracking under pressure.' ALSO READ: Rod Laver makes bold claim about Rafael Nadal playing on grass