Wimbledon not in favour of on-court coaching: tennis is an individual sport

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Wimbledon not in favour of on-court coaching: tennis is an individual sport

ATP has been against the on-court coaching. The Chief Executive Chris Kermode often expressed his view towards it, although some new things are being tried at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan. And the All England Club CEO Richard Lewis, representing Wimbledon, has the same thoughts. 'I am really concerned that not enough thought is being given to it, and that it's not evidence-based.

Wimbledon feels fundamental that tennis is an individual sport', Lewis told The New York Times the day after 2018 Wimbledon final between Novak Djokovic and Kevin Anderson was played. 'It's a gladiatorial contest.

It's one of the things that makes tennis not unique but certainly the exception in world sport, and long may it continue.' Some other innovations like the shot clock will be used at the US Open and maybe in all the other Grand Slams as well, but not coaching on the men's side. 'I hope it's not introduced because it's a commercial opportunity, because that's a short-term view.

Sometimes you can make more money for a few years but actually, it spoils the spectacle.' Lewis also commented on No. 1 Court having a retractable roof for the first time in 2019: 'I think it’s going to change the tournament more than people realize.

I think because of the roof on Centre Court, all of us, not just the organizers but the players, have slipped into thinking that there was this huge difference between Centre and No. 1. But it will be good to have two courts on pretty much equal billing.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal looking forward to spend holidays with his girlfriend