French Open's Philippe Chatrier unrecognizable: Work on the roof has begun!

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French Open's Philippe Chatrier unrecognizable: Work on the roof has begun!

The Philippe Chatrier stadium, the Center Court of the French Open, is the only main show court among the four Grand Slams to not have a retractable roof and over the years it has led to a lot of criticism towards the tournament organizers.

But after a rainy 2016 edition, something was done and the reconstruction project started. The first phase of construction ended in April and now workers are back in action. Now the court almost seems unrecognizable, and you can barely see that it's the Chatrier.

Grounds will be renovated and within the end of 2020, the retractable roof building should be completed. It will allow players to keep competing even if it rains, and night sessions are set to be introduced, which will help organizers to increase the tickets sale, as revealed by the tournament director Guy Forget a few months ago.

Next year Rafael Nadal will seek his 12th title there. The whole tournament site development has a cost of €350 million. Gilles Jourdan, who manages the whole plan, spoke to New York Times how important it is for them and the whole event: 'It was a fun challenge at the beginning, but I’m not sleeping so well anymore', he admitted. 'I’m not concerned for myself or my future.

I’m 70 years old. I’ve seen everything here. But I’m so attached to this stadium that I want to do this project well and do it justice. That’s what is keeping me from sleeping.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal and Lionel Messi meet each other in Ibiza!