John McEnroe gets blasted by American tennis player on Twitter

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John McEnroe gets blasted by American tennis player on Twitter

John McEnroe was criticized a lot by the world no. 267 Michelle Kruguer for his comments ahead of the match between Novak Djokovic and John Millman. 'McEnroe already ripping Millman before they even played the first point', Kruguer wrote on his official Twitter account.

'I’d say making the quarters of a slam and completely outlasting (Roger) Federer along the way deserves some credit. Awful excuse for commentating.' Then McEnroe praised Millman's effort, as the Australian went through a 16-minute serve game in the sixth game of the match: 'They (the crowd) were loving his effort, rewarding him with a great round of applause', McEnroe said.

'This is a good sign for Millman that he’s got him breathing heavy. It gives him some hope that he can make this a match. He doesn’t have a choice, he has to play this good just to get some games.' It has been a very intense US Open for the tournament organizers, fans, players and media.

And the statement the event released on Wednesday a few hours after the quarter-final match between Novak Djokovic and John Millman showed how difficult the conditions were. During a set, Millman left the court using the ‘Equipment Out of Adjustment’ rule.

Through a statement, the United Tennis States Association (USTA) clarified: 'The chair determined that the surface was dangerous enough to invoke the ‘Equipment Out of Order’ provision in the ITF Durites and Procedures for officials and allowed Millman to go off court and change shoes/clothes.

Both players agreed that he should do so.' ALSO READ: Why Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal four times in a row - Tennis strategist