Lawn Tennis Association faces a huge financial loss in 2018

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Lawn Tennis Association faces a huge financial loss in 2018

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) represents the national governing body of tennis in Great Britain and it was founded way back in 1888 with the Wimbledon legend William Renshaw who was elected as the first president! The Lawn Tennis Association is based at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton, London, and it is one of the biggest tennis centers in the entire country, providing an opportunity for the upcoming stars to train in the best possible facilities and under the guidance of Britain's finest coaches.

The financial situation at the LTA has not been that great in the last couple of years, though, with the Association losing around £12.2m in 2017 and 2018 to suffer a huge blow and make things uncertain prior to 2019! The LTA will now try to implement the new vision and meet the needs of fans, players and coaches across Britain.

The construction of the roof on Wimbledon's Court One has certainly contributed to this shortage, together with the 10% drop of participation in tennis in Britain compared to 2017. The has nine regional offices in England and they will continue to work from a central base only in order to reduce the costs and that will have to leave marks on the regional centers in Loughborough, Cambridge, Roehampton, Southampton, Leeds, Edgbaston, High Wycombe, Bromley and Bristol.

The LTA still has very solid financial reserves and their incomes are locked when we know that the organization will receive 90% of the profits generated by Wimbledon until 2053 but the chairman David Gregson had said recently that some measures have to be taken in order to keep those reserves intact in the future.