Grigor Dimitrov adds an ingredient to spice up his 2019 season

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Grigor Dimitrov adds an ingredient to spice up his 2019 season

"He's one of the only people that I feel I can really relate to and open up to", Grigor Dimitrov had honestly said concerning his relationship with the iconic Andre Agassi. The Bulgarian had brought him into the team during the Paris Masters along with his full-time coach Daniel Vallverdu to complete the coaching sector being that he had gotten through to the third round of the French tournament.

He managed to break through and defeat Roberto Bautista Agut in straight sets and felt the introduction of Agassi is working and hope that they'll have an extended professionals relationship together. Many times the addition of another coaching assistant may bring conflicts, but this suggestion was done by Dimitrov's coach as Vallverdu said that "I asked Andre to join us...Both Grigor and myself think he can help in a few areas, he has known him well since the juniors and they have spent time together.

The whole team is looking forward to having him around". Dimitrov is very excited too because the end of 2017 the Bulgarian was ranked no.3, but he started experiencing struggles at the Australian Open and only lasted to the quarterfinals.

He had made the Rotterdam Open but experienced the loss to Roger Federer. There were also losses at opening rounds especially at Wimbledon and the US Open where his ranking had plummeted to no. 10. He is now close to no. 20th and feel that he's caught the remedy of stopping his slump for the new season by hiring the legendary.

But a year ago when Agassi was asked to join Djokovic's team, he outwardly admitted that he wouldn't commit to being a full-time travelling and consultant. He coached the Serban nearly a year and then there grew misunderstandings.

"My opinions, my approaches weren't necessarily always embraced and we agree to disagree a lot..." Agassi had said of his coaching relationship with Djokovic. But Dimitrov assumes that these misgivings will not happen between him and Agassi since he's known him for years and he too understands Agassi's wish to not be away from his family for long extended periods of time.

The Bulgarian feels that this will be the perfect combination on helping him to propel his game and rankings back to the top five. Dimitrov feels and believes about Agassi that "He's amazing. I couldn't think of a better guy, sharing thoughts, feelings, emotions on and off the court".

It's hopeful though that this will be the recipe to kickstart Grigor Dimitrov's game and playing level back to the top where he feels and performs most comfortable.