Kelsey Anderson praises husband Kevin's hard work for success

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Kelsey Anderson praises husband Kevin's hard work for success

In an interview with Sky Sports, Kelsey Anderson, tennis player Kevin's wife, commented on the success of his husband and the sacrifices that they do to make him perform at his best. Kelsey started with speaking about the 32-year-old's epic Wimbledon semifinals win over John Isner this year: 'It was really emotional during the match and really emotional after the match.

Obviously, given the unique nature of Wimbledon that has the combined boxes with John's team, who we know quite well, it was a really emotional experience and no doubt it was emotional for them too. It was tough; I was obviously very happy but it was also very difficult for them at the time', Kelsey said.

'What I've enjoyed the most is the fact that Kevin works incredibly hard, I think he is known for that on tour and just to be able to see him continue to improve and continue to reap the benefits of all the hard work he has put in has been really rewarding for me.

I think he's incredibly deserving and it's been a fun journey to be a part of and watch from the sidelines. I've always said, you have to be a good loser to play tennis because just about every week, even if you're a world-class player, you're going to walk away losing to somebody so only one guy in the draw is the winner every week.

You have to be able to get over it quickly and rebound because there's another tournament in just a couple of days time.' Kevin also spoke about the Wimbledon semis: 'It was really tough, really disappointing, but at the same time as Kelsey always says, I gave it my best shot and I competed for the hardest that I could.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title