Caroline Wozniacki and David Lee may get married in mid-2019!

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Caroline Wozniacki and David Lee may get married in mid-2019!

Exactly 12 months ago the Australian Open defending champion Caroline Wozniacki and the former NBA star David Lee got engaged when on holidays. The wedding date has not been announced yet, but according to BT Planet, they will get married in summer 2019.

Wozniacki was asked this question by Danish media during this year's US Open but refused to answer. Wozniacki recently recalled her first WTA Finals appearance at Doha back in 2009: 'I think every year is different, and every year you get here in a different way.

Every year you try your best. It's just different players. You know, I think the players that I played against in 2009, a lot of them are not playing anymore. I think it was Zvonareva, Dementieva. Serena is obviously playing and still playing very well.

Yeah, I don't remember who else, but it's like half of the players are probably not, you know, either don't play and coming back or not playing at all and had kids and all that, or a lot has changed. Some of them are still here ten years later.

It's fun to see, and it's definitely different kind of tennis, as well. I think we keep evolving. I think every year it gets tougher.' Wozniacki and Lee were at the Madison Square Garden a few days ago. Caroline will soon start her preparation for 2019 season that she will begin at the ASB Classic in Auckland.

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