Boris Becker won't get diplomatic immunity, will sell trophies

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Boris Becker won't get diplomatic immunity, will sell trophies

Boris Becker will not get the diplomatic immunity from the Central African Republic in the role of sporting ambassador due to bankruptcy allegations. The seven-time Grand Slam winner has "no alternative but to abandon the claim for diplomatic immunity", as declared by Tony Beswetherick at a court hearing in London.

Becker is not financially strong enough to continue the proceedings and so he will have to sell his trophies, that are worth an estimated $255,000. Becker may also need to sell his houses in London and Germany. On BBC Radio 4 the journalist Michael Parkinson made a comparison between the Swiss tennis star Roger Federer and George Best.

About Federer, Parkinson said: 'The player l ever saw without a single shadow of a doubt. There was something else, different about him. You know when you watch Federer play tennis- obviously he's a great player but there's something else about Federer, something about his balance, his balletic movement- that sort of thing- which makes him different and George had that quality.' Anderson added: 'I don't think Federer hits the ball at all- He just tells the ball where to go.' Parkinson concluded: 'Yes exactly! He just instructs it Lol! l don't think he's ever made a crude movement in his life.

Federer will start his 2019 season at the Hopman Cup in Perth pairing with Belinda Bencic. They are the defending champions as they defeated Alexander Zverev and Angelique Kerber in the final. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title