Madrid Open set to stay in current venue for many more years

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Madrid Open set to stay in current venue for many more years

The agreement between Madrid municipality and the Mutua Madrid Open ends in 2021, and a new renewal is supposed to come soon. A solution was supposed to be found earlier this year in July, now it's December and authorities keep working for it.

Luis Cueto, general manager, gave some important updates as quoted by Marca. 'We are closer to the guarantee and the safety that a promotor needs to move over the time', Cueto said. 'Everyone is ready to make efforts needed so that the Open improves', he added.

'We feel really helped by the rest of the municipality groups. This is the most important thing, that the municipality reached a joint agreement for the next ten years, whoever runs the government. What the Government does not want is to finance venues that are not proprietary.

We need to share the responsibility not to lose the Open. We believe Madrid needs to keep paying the costs of prize money that goes not to the promotor but to the tennis players. Also, we are proud to be one of the tournaments where women are as much paid like men.

This Open needs to keep being a great event packing the Caja Magica.' After his triumph this year in Madrid, Alexander Zverev said: 'Obviously I didn't get broken one time. But I don't think I faced breakpoints in the whole tournament.

For me, this is an amazing start to know in the back of my mind. When serving out for a title like this, especially against Dominic, who is one of the best returners especially on this surface, on clay courts. All in all, I'm just really happy with how I played, that I could win my third Masters.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title