I could get married again and have my fifth child, says Boris Becker

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I could get married again and have my fifth child, says Boris Becker

In an interview to Bunte, the tennis legend Boris Becker did not deny that be could have a third wife and possibly the fifth son in the future. Becker, who split with two wifes previously, said: 'If my partner absolutely wants a child, I would be open to it after spending years together.

I have a lot of experience on how to behave with children.' Becker added: 'If I meet the woman of my life today, I would not perceive it. I like to speak, flirt, but I am not ready to have a new woman in my heart. I care about myself more.

A split, a divorce, even with children and the public getting involved, was the most brutal moment out of everyone. I went through it twice now.' Becker is proud about his two previous weddings: 'I do not think we failed.

I lived with Barbara for ten years, we have two sons together. I spent 13 years with Lilly. Of course, at 25 years, you think that you will be with the same woman for the rest of your life. I definitely do not want to lose time.

Both weddings shaped me, I am proud, we have great sons. I learned a lot and I feel richer, more experienced, happier. Barbara and Lilly are important, exciting women in my life. Now it has ended and I have to see that I have at least 25 more quality years in my life in front of me.

Am I more cautious in love now compared to 20 years ago? Yes! Is my heart still closed today? Yes?' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title