Former WTA player An-Sophie Mestach Wants to Join Belgian Police Force

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Former WTA player An-Sophie Mestach Wants to Join Belgian Police Force

Tennis - Retired tennis star An-Sophie Mestach has announced that she could be joining for the Belgian police force in March 2019 as she was looking for a new challenger. According to Belgian website HLN, Mestach, who retired in September 2018, commented, "I was mainly involved in doubles in recent years, but it was disappointing how difficult it was to find partners.

Also, appointments were not fulfilled at the last moment, I could hardly accept that. If I had done further, I might have been able to achieve my goals, but I felt in those last tournaments that I was no longer in my place and no longer 100 per cent motivated.

It was time for something else." Mestach says the attributes required to succeed in tennis are similar to those required for the police force. "The competencies there are in line with the things that are required to do top-class sport.

Moreover, the social aspect has played an important role for me. In tennis, everything revolves around you, while you now have to work in a team. That is why I started to play football (in the first provincial at Brasschaat, ed.).

During my last tournaments, I often wondered: where do I belong? That certainly did not appear to be the tennis circuit. I saw many unhappy people in the tennis world. A lot of players are there because they do not know what to do with their lives.

Financially, however, it is not easy and the social contact, especially on the women's tour, is very limited. But beware, tennis has also given me a lot: I have seen the whole world, achieved beautiful things and it has shaped me as a person.

I do not regret anything and look back with pride." Mestach won the Australian Open junior title as an 18-year-old and was the top-ranked junior player in the world. She has been ranked in the Top 100 in the WTA rankings and has won 2 WTA doubles titles in her professional career before retiring in September.

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