14-Year-Old Coleman Wong Targets Berth at 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

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14-Year-Old Coleman Wong Targets Berth at 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

Tennis - 14-year-old Coleman Wong hopes to represent Hong Kong at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and says he hopes to win a junior Grand Slam event in 2019. Wong must reach the Top 30 in the junior world rankings by June 2020 in order to be considered for a place in the 2020 Olympic Games which will be held in Tokyo.

Speaking to South China Morning Post, Wong says, “My target is to win a junior grand slam title in 2019 to reach the required ranking. One grand slam would get the job almost done and the Australian Junior Open will be my first attempt.

After that, I will begin a schedule to push my ranking until the qualification ends." His coach Tong Ka-po, a former top-ranked player from Hong Kong, believes that Wong has the ability to break into the Top 30 although he is still quite young. “He has massive talent in the sport and has already proved it in the Orange Bowl.

Now he has to prove it again in the Australian Junior Open. He certainly did very well against much more experienced players in this Hong Kong tournament despite the premature exit. The pace is much faster and the players are more experienced at senior level but that’s also where he needs to learn before kicking off his Australian Open campaign.

Our target is to become the first tennis player to don the Hong Kong colours at the Olympic Games and other matters are not our concern." Also Read - Coleman Wong Hopes to Become World No. 1 in the Future