Caroline Wozniacki opens up on romantic relationship with David Lee

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Caroline Wozniacki opens up on romantic relationship with David Lee

In an interview to Elle Magazine, the world No. 3 Caroline Wozniacki commented on her relationship with her fiancèe David Lee, who she got engaged to in December 2017. 'I think David is very positive and he has a lot of energies and he sees well in everything and people in general', said Wozniacki about the former NBA player.

'He is a very open person and he is a big help when it comes to my tennis, and he never said in any moment that there are things that I should not or I cannot do.' On how she felt after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Wozniacki added: 'I suddenly got suck and it's a sort of an alert: can you keep playing? Will it influence my career? What's the next step? What should we do? After all, life will change; there are days where you may not be at the top.

But you always learn to do what you can do to feel better and well. And I know what I can do before and after the matches so that my body recovers at best and it does not become painful. So I learn along the way, and it is something I will not give up.' The defending Australian Open champion has no retirement date planned: 'I think it's difficult to say it until when you do not find yourself in the situation where it's right to stop.' Wozniacki will play the Australian Open next.

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