Boris Becker Says There is Optimism in German Tennis Once Again

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Boris Becker Says There is Optimism in German Tennis Once Again

Tennis - Six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker says he feels a new spirit of optimism in German tennis with the success of Angelique Kerber and Alexander Zverev. Becker, who is currently the Head of Men's Tennis at the German Tennis Federation, was speaking on the sidelines of the International DTB Tennis Congress in the Berlin Estrel Hotel.

Becker commented, "We experienced big Davis Cup moments, an impressive team spirit, but now it will be a journey into an uncertain future on an international level. I do not want to condemn the new developments around the competition, I give the Davis Cup a chance now.

However, it will be a completely different atmosphere than before with a final tournament without the traditional home games then. But now we are looking forward to the first round match against Hungary in Frankfurt. It'll be a great thing in early February."

Speaking on the success of Kerber and Zverev, Becker commented, "One such starting position has not existed for a season for 20 years, two players with these successes and this effect on the public. You should show more tennis - and not every second or third football league game.

I say that as an avowed football fan. They deserve it because they are playing world-class tennis again, and that's the only way to trigger a tennis boom again." Becker also said that when he is looking for talent in youngsters, he looks for children who have fun while playing tennis.

"When I see an eight-year-old or a ten-year-old playing, I do not look if he has talent, but if he has fun." Also Read - Ivo Karlovic on Watching Stefan Edberg YouTube Vidoes "It Really Helped"