I do not want to miss my son's growth, says Fabio Fognini

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I do not want to miss my son's growth, says Fabio Fognini

In an interview with La Nacion, Fabio Fognini commented on how he is managing to combine his tennis career with his private life. Fognini got married to the 2015 US Open champion Flavia Pennetta in 2016 and they became parents of a son called Federico in May 2017.

Fognini is competing at the Cordoba Open this week. 'Now he (Federico) is in Buenos Aires with Flavia', the 31-year-old explained. "We are together these weeks. But it's difficult, because I do not want to miss how he grows up.

A son is born and grows in a very quick way. I would like to live it with my wife. When Flavia wants, she travels with me because if three weeks go on she already wants to comeback home', Fognini laughed. Fognini analyzed how his 2018 season went.

The Italian won Sao Paulo, Gstaad and Los Cabos titles. "It was a very good year. If I did not fail at the US Open (lost to John Millman in the second round) and I did not get injured in China, I would have a big chance to crack the top ten, I was close.

I hurt my foot in China and I could not play the semifinals against Juan (Martin del Potro) and I played the last three tournaments of the year without practising." Asked why he hired the Argentine Franco Davin in 2017, Fognini replied: "A little for my experience.

Obviously, the first year I worked with Franco was about knowledge, I had a bad ranking, I hurt and I was off the competition for two months and a half. From there it was a very hard way and we achieved things, I won titles, I equalled my career-high ranking and now I want, we want, something more, something that stays in my mind."

What are we talking about? Being a top 10, winning the maiden Masters 1000? "Yeah, we obviously speak about it, I do not deny it. The goals are high, but I want to make an effort. I have to be ready to achieve something big.

This is my goal. If then you do not achieve it, I will still be happy, because I will have tried it. At this age, I have enough experience to try." ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final - Evert