Patrick Mouratoglou speaks about importance of a coach

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Patrick Mouratoglou speaks about importance of a coach

Patrick Mouratoglou recently spoke about the role a coach plays in helping any player scale heights which ultimately lead to one becoming a Grand Slam Champion. “I think in life, we’re not alone,” Mouratoglou told Eurosport. “I think we all have people around us, we have friends, we have family, we have people who work with us.

Life is about teamwork. Nobody becomes great by himself – that doesn’t exist. That’s the case for in anything, and in tennis, of course not”. He further added, “I think you’ve also fair to the coaches, because I think what Boris Becker did with Novak Djokovic was unbelievable, he brought him to a different level.

I think what Magnus Norman did with Stan Wawrinka was unbelievable, and I don’t think those guys would’ve had the same career without their coach”. “They deserve most of the credit, the players for sure, but the coach is important.

Do you think Andy Murray would’ve had the same career without Ivan Lendl? I don’t think so, but we’ll never know. We see there’s a big impact of the coach. Maybe not all the time, but through the career of some players.

I think it’s fair to give them the opportunity to show what they bring to the players”. “It’s a fair thing, and there’s a reason why all the other sports decided to legalise coaching, and more than that, to show the coaches, their work and let the coaches be part of the show – in boxing or in any other discipline”.