Chimo Perez Roman: Fitness levels in Indian and Spanish Juniors similar

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Chimo Perez Roman: Fitness levels in Indian and Spanish Juniors similar

CAM (Club Atletico Montemar) and CLTA (Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association) would see coaches from CAM visiting Chandigarh every year along with four players from the Chandigarh Academy of Rural Tennis (CHART) programme getting a chance to train at the Spanish club.

CAM coach Chimo Perez Roman spoke about the similarities in Indian and Spanish Juniors, saying, There is no big difference between Indian junior players and Spanish players. On the technical front, the players are doing more than acceptable and we just found a few differences.

There is not much of difference in terms of fitness at this age but there is a slight difference in terms of technique and basics. CLTA are interested in adopting the European training programme and we hope this association will help them develop this aspect of the game”.

He further explained some methodologies adapted by them, "In Spain, we focus a lot on fitness. Most of the courts in Spain are clay courts and the bounce of the ball is slow and higher and it makes the points longer.

So the matches are a bit longer and it results in players getting fitter and also mentally strong. In India, players start playing in hard courts where the bounce is slower and ball speed is faster. So kids need time to play well behind the ball and to have control of the ball.

In Spain, we have more than 10 professional tennis academies. Apart from that, we have more than 320 days of clear weather with an average temperature of 20 degree. It means that players can spend the whole day training. Also, we have almost 50 weeks of professional tennis circuit and players can travel to closer places and play in tournaments,” Roman said.